Water Heater Services for Denver Colorado and the Front Range

What is a water heater service?

Water heater services include servicing your water heater annually. By servicing you’re taking and flushing the build up from hard water and cleaning your water heater tank, Keeping your system free and clear of these buildups can give you a longer lasting water heater. PRV valve is a pressure regulated valve controlling the amount of pressure coming in your house from the city main water line so your house is not over pressurized. Worn out copper lines carrying water through your house can leak or have pin holes. Shower valve cartridges, kitchen line valve cartridges, washer machine line valves or any other fixtures with water in them can cause massive issues. They can have build up of sediment or just normal wear and tear from use so you should be thinking about replacing them before they leak.

What is a water heater service?

For water heater servicing we drain the tank by first shutting the main water line valve off open the drain plug let it go down then open the water main valve and flush sediment out of the bottom for about ten minutes. Check the T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve to make sure it is not leaking. Change the anode rod if needed. Check all the water feed valves to make sure there are no visible leaks. To Install a PRV (pressure regulated valve) shut the main water line outside off cut and place the valve on the main water line in your house.

Why use Triple S for water heater services?

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What are the benefits having Triple S install water heaters or other items?

  • We can guarantee that our work and the quality will show you who we are at our core. We treat our customers like our family and are there for you and your needs.